I am just trying to get as much as possible out there. I am saying anything that comes to mind, because that is honesty. I am desperate to impress, but I know that shallow artifice impresses no one. So I say what’s on the surface, and then go deeper and say what’s there, a recursive discursive process, strip-mining my brain and trying to find anything of value.

Deeper, and more honest. Deeper, and more honest. 

Maybe the reason why we love uncovering secrets is because we perceive that only by stripping away falsehood can we find the truth. But, if so, if that’s all there is to it, it’s just a lie within a lie: Just because something is a secret doesn’t make it true.

But maybe it’s just… just one step closer…

The cessation of existence is not an oblivion but a reduction from macro-man to micro-frog. We breed small and weak and hungry and replicate, consume, replicate, consume, replicate, and form the New Mammalamphibian sea. This is the dawn of frog.


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