6My mind is floating free. I am barely connected. I feel a pain in my knee, I feel my body, the music coming through the headphones that keep my ears warm and help make me slightly sleepy. This is too much, too much word to produce in a controlled fashion. I’m sorry.

All I have is this, a body, and some skills which I have acquired over thirty years. I am putting these out into the world and trying desperately to figure out how to be something which means something in a world so determined to be superficial and hateful. It is not easy.

It is tr(i)al by error, and the evidence is all stacked against me. So it is for us all. If you don’t think that’s true for you then your mask is too big and covers your eyes.

That’s a metaphor.

But, hey. Frog Fractions. Pretty neat game, right?


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