4This isn’t just about Frogs or Fractions you know.

Maybe in some hidden version of these words I am able to mimic the sense of humor of the game. I have created the nodal geometry of the ‘review’, and now all that’s left is to fill them with content. But what content comes out when every coherent thought on the subject has been tapped?

Right now I am word diarrheaing in the purest form, minced bits of idea-age streaming wet into virtual page buckets. I say the purest form but to be honest I am more disjointed than usual and intentionally so. It is an effect I am achieving.

But is it? How long can i occupy the insanity-spaces of creativity before it starts to bleed into my thinking. the insane artist, what a cliche… Maybe there’s some truth in it, though the cause and effect may be a bit confused.

I am saying this to erode the barriers between us. I am saying this to melt away the bits of skull between my brain and your brain and to put my ideas directly into your head. This is me taking over your mind. I am acknowledging all that separates us and I devour it by acknowledging it it turns into nothing it is ai(r). And then we see no air, there is nothing between us, our minds fuse together and I am in charge, because I am The Author.

My mind is your mind. As long as you are reading, I am controlling your mind, to one degree or another.

You can stop reading now, but then you’d never find out the secret, would you?

When I tell you my technique you see there is no technique. When I acknowledge the distance between us there is no distance. We are so conditioned to ignore everything that is constructed to circumscribe the diegesis of our interactions that by acknowledging everything that separates us I can absorb it.

This is intimacy.

This is one-way intimacy. Philanthropy? Rape?


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