Are you still here?


I am speaking into a void. All writing is speaking into a void, hoping that as one’s voice prop(a)gates the void may be filled. But I am writing a series of secrets, though admittedly once you find the first couple they might start seeming a lot less secretive.

Or maybe you’ve still only scratched the surface.

Or maybe it’s surface all the way down, and the depths of the depths are superficialities. There’s no top nor bottom to infinity.

Is anyone there?

However: This is not fundamentally different from any of the experiences I have had with writing. I never know if anyone will be interested in what I have to say, particularly here on a blog in the ethereal ‘net. I never know if I have an audience. I know for a fact that a substantial amount of my site traffic seems to come from people searching for the images I’m using. Other me’s, perhaps, out there, making blogs of their own and looking for images to make trite visual gags with.

If I say something in a forest, and no one is around to hear me, do I make a sound argument?

Unfortunately, there is no alchemy of supply and demand that makes my writing more valuable the fewer people see it. Yes, well, take what you can get and move on, right?

Move on.


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