8Do I like secrets? Or do I like uncovering secrets? Is there a difference?

Is the joy a joy of discovery or of picking away at scabby wounds and scraping away the dead skin? I can eviscerate the concept of secrecy and say that shallow superficial mask coverings of secrets are seeds of man’s inhumanity to man and what does it mean when in the same breath I am talking about how exciting secrets are?

Everyone loves a murder mystery, except for the murder part. At least one person finds the murder objectionable

I wish we were encouraged to look deeper, look past the mysteries and see what is actually there. We are constantly encouraged to enjoy things in the shallowest way possible, taught by example that looking for deeper meaning is sophistic since there’s so rarely any there.

It is nice when authors die, I am a big fan of the death of the author, because it allows us sometimes to ascribe deeper motivations than those they had when they wrote. Propa(g)anda becomes subversive literature and, unfortunately, the reverse is also true, because we are eager to seize upon first superficial impressions particularly, particularly and especially, when they affirm the beliefs we already held.

The secrets are a necessary evil to open eyes of insight and exsight, exciting and incisive observances observed excised from tricky tissues of icky issues.


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