10How easy, too, to place those masks upon the face of another. How easy it is to make them the monster, the unpatriotic ingrate, the lazy, the ignorant. And how readily they can come to wear that mask if you put it on their face.

Raise a child in the basement. Tell him every day that he is a wolf, that he is a monster, that he is a killer, and one day he will destroy you.

How often do we make our own enemies this way? Perhaps someone says something or does something which threatens you, and you see an enemy, and every day you see an enemy and you wear your enemy (f)ace to look at your enemy and they see an enemy and we are at each others throats and we can taste the blood and it’s simply a matter of who bites too deep first.

We hide under the masks we are ascribed but our secret hidden self is not a virtue. How much harm do we do by hiding our virtues? Can it possibly be more than we prevent by hiding our vices?

Secrets, we can’t get enough secrets, we want to be secreter and secreter and we’ve gone too deep and we can’t see ourselves for the secret static forest we’ve erected around ourselves.


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