I don’t have a header for this project. I should probably come up with one sometime here, but that’s a low priority in the greater scheme of things.

I’m not feeling too great today, so here’s where the project’s at:

  • Basic board rendering all works
  • Piece logic and player movement is all in place and, as far as I can tell testing so far, works properly
  • Highlighting tiles based on whether the player can move there or not and other factors
  • Click-based player movement
  • Undoing of moves and resetting the board to initial state

Doing the programming here is a bit more time consuming than I had originally thought. There’s still a few tasks left before I can move on entirely to content creation:

  • Menu system (might be able to use EverEnding code here)
  • Movement confirmation (Probably not necessary on PC, but may be so on tablets and should easy enough to implement)
  • Text/Dialogue display (for tutorials and incidental messages) and supporting data system
  • Level flow (making one level load into the next)

Also, a nice-to-have would be a level editor. I think I have a pretty good idea of how to make a quick and dirty low-impact one, so this shouldn’t be too big an impact.

So, as things stand — I’m a bit behind schedule, but not too bad. It feels really weird to be working on something besides EverEnding, and I keep having crises of confidence, being uncertain if this will live up to my standards of quality. I have to remember, day by day, that nothing is ever really perfect, and sometimes those imperfects are what make something special. Just keep moving forward, and see what this thing I am making ends up becoming.