EverEnding DevBlog 179: Intense


So far I’m having an incredibly difficult time setting aside the requisite time and focus to make real progress on this animation, much less on the remaining 380 or so frames of character animation that I’ll have to tackle afterwards. Just detailing each individual frame takes at least 30 minutes of work, and also requires a degree of focus and concentration I’ve been having a difficult time achieving.

The hard truth of the matter is that I may be trying to do too many things at once.

Right now I am: Working on EverEnding animations, writing music, writing the weekly Problem Machine post, drawing art commissions, trying to get the problemmachine.com website up to speed, and recording Let’s Play videos of Super House of Dead Ninjas. It’s a lot to keep track of, especially when you add in the necessities of personal maintenance along the lines of cooking, eating, hygiene, and exercise, as well as planning for an upcoming trip. So, work keeps on falling through the cracks, and because it’s such a huge long-term project EverEnding probably suffers the most from that.

It’s probably not a great situation. It’s probably not a sustainable situation. I’ll probably have to make some difficult choices soon. Probably.

In the meanwhile, work crawls along. I detailed four more frames of animation, figured out a couple of tricks to make the work go faster, and did a small bit of programming to make the player animations sync up a bit better with the current movement speed.


On the plus side, you can already see the finished animation taking shape here, and I personally think it’s turning out pretty fuckin sweet? Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily justify the months it will take to create these animations… So I’ll probably have to focus on them a bit harder soon, try to spend several hours a day drilling down and making solid progress. Well, that’s what I wanted to happen today, but life interfered. This is where the hard decisions come into play.

But… hard decisions can wait a bit longer, anyway. Vacations are a good time to do some thinking, and I’ve got one coming up. In the meanwhile, I just gotta try to get my work done.


  1. Patience is key. You never know it may be the most perfect creation you’ve made so far.

  2. Jōchō said:

    That animation looks really good! Nice work!

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