From Spare Parts and Parts Unknown


Over the last year, I wrote a piece of music each month with the intent of collating all of them into an album. Most of these I’ve put up on the blog as I went, generally as a sort of consolation prize whenever I felt too tired or uninspired to write a new article. Well, now it’s 2016, and having spent the last couple of weeks ordering these tracks, polishing them up, and mastering them, the time has come.

I actually decided that all 12 tracks together were a bit unwieldy as an album, though. 75 minutes is a long time to ask someone to sit still and listen to instrumental music, and some of the tracks didn’t really feel like they fit into the overall flow of the album. Thus, alongside the main album, I’m also releasing a free mini-album. These are, respectively, “From Spare Parts and Parts Unknown” and “Please Don’t Make Me Leave”. Of course, both are free to stream, but if you’d like to download the mini-album, for use in portable devices and whatnot, it’s free for those purposes as well.

if you enjoy either or both of these albums, please consider purchasing them and/or recommending them to your friends. I spent a lot of time trying to make these as good as I could, and I hope that there will be an audience who enjoys listening to them as much as I enjoyed making them!


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