EverEnding DevBlog 160: Control Paneling


Making a lot of progress on AnxEdit, though I bogged down for a couple of days on the particulars of dragging and dropping frames on the timeline. It turns out things get a bit less intuitive when you add the ability to select multiple non-sequential objects to a drag and drop line like that – I don’t think there’s a 100% intuitive way to align the placement of the selected frames with where you’re dragging them, since room needs to be created to insert them which means that where you’re looking now is probably going to be offset somehow from where your primary selection ends up, but it doesn’t need to be completely intuitive as long as the user can clearly see what’s about to happen, which they can since the frame positions will update in real time as they move their selection around. There’s no tweening or anything so it’s a bit abrupt, but it still sends the message clearly. Worth the time I spent figuring it out, I think.

I also added a bunch of the simpler controls, though they’re not completely implemented yet. I got a bit sidetracked by creating a bunch of new improvements to my slider class, which makes creating new sliders of different sorts of custom styles a lot faster and easier, and which I probably should have done back when I was creating a gajillion sliders for the detail editor. These changes will probably break the detail editor when I get back to the main project, but once I get done updating it to use them it will be a heck of a lot tidier. That’s always a nice feeling.

Anyway here’s where it’s at now.


The left side controls the overall animation parameters and the right side controls the specific selected frame, though I haven’t thought about how that will work with multiple frame selection. Currently the controls aren’t labeled or fully implemented yet and the complementary text field inputs aren’t placed at all, so getting that set up is probably the next thing I’ll do. All pretty easy stuff, though it’s looking like I may need to expand both side bars to fit everything. There’s some more simple controls to go on the left side, all pretty straightforward, but there’s some tricky stuff that needs doing on the right bar: The frame delay controls, which are easy in principle but which I want to make sure I get right since they’re important, and the registration point and offset controls, which are similar but tricky to figure out a nice and intuitive interface for.

Once I get all that figured out I can look into getting undo/redo implemented and the export and recompile functions working. Two or three weeks probably, though with the holidays who knows.



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