EverEnding DevBlog 155: Variations


Spent this week just going through the animations for the mask entity and changing them to be holding a spear instead of a knife. Very boring work, but necessary if I’m going to make the alternate spear version. Fortunately this is pretty much the only version that’s exactly the same but with a different weapon, so this tedium ends here. I think there’s just one or two left to do, then I create the actual animation files and implement them in game, then I actually implement the attack. I can probably get all the animations in today and program the attack tomorrow, which will wrap up this alternate, giving me three versions of the enemy: Basic, spear, and rock thrower.

After that, I have a few options: I could work on the next version of the entity, which is going to be an animal rider, fairly simple in terms of programming but an interesting animation challenge since I haven’t animated a quadruped before – I could go back and work on the player character animations, going in and nailing working out all the alternate versions, setting registration points, creating a death/failure animation, and generally preparing to create final frames – or I could start in on a whole new enemy type, spend a bit of time designing its looks and behavioral patterns, see what code I can adapt from the mask entity towards this other one.

Dunno! Looks like I have a couple of days to think about it while I work on this other stuff anyway, so no big rush.


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