EverEnding DevBlog 150: A Stone’s Throw


I guess I was busy with other stuff this week, because looking back I don’t think I got a heck of a lot done here.

Well, I finished the changes to the knockback model I started in on last week, and fixed some associated bugs which I found in the process. I started in on creating the first alternate version of the enemy entity I’ve been working on, one that throws rocks, and lost about a day to trying to puzzle out the ballistics equations myself before giving up and looking them up on wikipedia. It’s easy to find resources for calculating where an arced shot will land on flat terrain, but for some reason I couldn’t find much outside of wikipedia about angling a projectile to hit a specific x/y point.

So I roughed in the behavioral code and used that formula for the trajectory calculation, but I haven’t had a chance to test it yet since I’m still getting some other stuff lined up. Probably soon, though. In the meanwhile, the other thing I did was make an attack animation for stone throwing.


Looking at it now, I think the recovery needs to be a bit slower since the quick snap back makes the arm and stone seem weightless. I also don’t like how still the right leg is, so I may need to tweak that motion some — maybe so that it rests on the right heel at the end of the wind back. The other leg could use a bit more motion as well. Oh well, I’ll address those issues tomorrow I suppose. I’ll need to also make alternate versions of a couple of the other animations both for holding nothing (instead of the knife) and for holding a stone (so it can pick them up before throwing). All in all not a very exciting update but, you know, it’s progress.

  1. This will cause a toe to break since it is resting on the toes. But tis looks cool.

  2. The Tree said:

    Since the character is a right-handed thrower, try to keep the right leg still, and make a small stepping motion. That looks awesome, though.

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