EverEnding DevBlog 143-144: Time Out


Two weeks. We’ll just call it a two week vacation, though the first week was mostly just days I was too sick to think properly. Aside from a couple of quick, desultory pecks at my code base, essentially zero progress has been made.

Oh well. Back to work.

I’m still recovering from travel today, which is leaving me awfully sleepy. That i came back to a town wreathed in the smoke of a panoply of forest fires and about 10 degrees warmer than the one I just spent a week in may also be a contributing factor. I’m adjusting. These are my excuses for writing this post so late in the day.

Okay: What next?

Over the next week I need to finish getting the entity combat interaction stuff working. First, I’ll need to make some sort of generalized solution for handling stun: This is where I stalled out last time, since player entities and npc entities are controlled in completely different ways it’s actually rather non-intuitive to try to apply any sort of generalized solution for taking control away. In fact, the line between controlled movement (ie running around and jumping) and non-controlled movement (sliding to a stop, falling) is often handled by the same blocks of code with very little distinction, so removing the controlled inputs while leaving the uncontrolled movement functional is actually rather tricky. I may just make ‘stun’ a timer that all the other movement code has access to and leave the onus on that movement code to interpret it properly, which is an easy but ugly solution.

After that, I get ranged attacks working. I’ve started roughing this in a bit, and I might be able to get a simple version up and running pretty quickly, but since the ranged attack entities need to be visible to the player, rather than just active behind the scenes to make the collision system work, I’m going to need to be able to add a bunch of visual effects which I don’t have to worry about for the melee attack template. That’s something I can add in piecemeal, though, once I get the basic functionality working.

Once I get those fundamental aspects of the combat system working, then it’s time to get into the enemy entity I’ve been testing with and make all of the alternate versions. This will be something of an undertaking, since it will require me to make alternate animations for all the different movement and attack types, create melee and ranged attack specifications to make those attacks work, and test everything extensively to make sure it still works.

My goal for this week is to get to all of the items mentioned above and get a good start on them, even if i don’t quite manage to finish them all up. This is weird: the last two weeks have been the longest I’ve gone without working on the game for, like, years. But, then again, progress has also been kind of slow over that time, so maybe a break will help me work better too. Dunno! Let’s find out.

  1. Not to be rude, but may i know what is this? thanks!

    • EverEnding is a game I’ve been working on for the past few years. It’s been progressing slowly, so I don’t know when it will be done, but I’m hoping to have something solid and playable within a year or so. I have like 90% of the core programming done, so at this point it’s mostly making levels and content for the game.

  2. ahhhh i see! its a development blog. sorry for i missed it out! Thanks for the enlightenment.

    by the way, mind looking up on my new site? we have a new segment, “comment the game”- CTG, which allows users to comment to tell a story (or game). It is a monthly issue. The first Issue starts on 1 September 2015 – 30 september 2015.
    Would be a pleasure if you can be part of it. Thanks!

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