EverEnding DevBlog 138: Turnaround


Another slow week, primarily working on animation stuff. Most of the animation work wasn’t very good either, but eh once I create it it becomes easier to make it good, so still progress.


Added turning animation to the walk cycle. This is definitely wrong in a couple of ways: Most obviously the limbs switch sides after the turn, which is just a product of the left-walking animation being just the right-walking animation flipped around. That’s an easy fix. A bit less obviously, both feet stay on the ground during the turn, which makes no sense and will definitely need to be fixed. That’s going to be a bit trickier, but should be feasible. In general I’m a bit displeased with the animation of the left arm in all of these: I’ve gotten used to Eve’s relatively motionless left arm, but these guys need to be a lot more expressive there, so that’s probably something I’ll be generally working on in the animations.

I also did the animation for transitioning between the alert and idle states:


I like this one a lot better. There’s a bit of weightlessness to it that doesn’t quite work, but I like that it jumps off the ground slightly to transition to the alert state, selling that the entity is startled (and meaning I probably don’t need to make a separate turning animation for when it’s alerted by something behind it). It also seems like the left leg is moving naturally both going into and out of the alert state, taking a little step to snap back where it should be. Even better, there’s a chance I may be able to reuse this animation, or a slight variation on it, as the jumping animation. I’ll test that out when I get to it.


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