EverEnding DevBlog 127: Revisitations


Most of this week was taken up with getting the detail editor up to snuff. I’ve got pretty much everything I wanted in there now, undo/redo functionality and bulk selection and easy copying and renaming of details. There may be one or two features left that would be nice, but I think compared to what I had a week ago it’s much more ready to handle the strain of building all of the game’s levels.

I’m also finally, after a lengthy hiatus, going back and fixing the last few problems with collision detection. This section of code is finicky enough that fixing one case often causes another to arise, but hopefully that problem won’t come up too much here. I just fixed the biggy, a huge problem with collisions against slopes that weren’t directly facing the player causing some big teleporting issues. All that’s left is fixing up collisions with the lower right corner specifically, and improving the consistency of collisions in corners generally, and it should be just about good to go. In the meanwhile, I’m finding other bugs in the control system and stuff that need fixing.

After I take care of these bugs and issues, I’m probably going to be trying to build some more robust enemies, as well as perhaps trying to construct the first few areas of the game in something approaching the level of quality and detail I expect the final product to have. Once the enemies are done I’ll probably start in on creating the final character animations as well, which should add a lot to the overall appearance of the game.


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