EverEnding DevBlog 120: Tuning


Collision detection is so close to perfect that I’m just going to leave it alone for now: There’s a very slight glitch when rolling against steep hills, and I fixed what I thought was causing it but it’s still going on so, eh, whatever. This is getting into seriously specific and relatively trivial stuff, and as long as I get to it sometime before release it really doesn’t matter for testing and development purposes.

So, with the fundamentals taken care of, I’m going in and tweaking the movement now. I’m getting into the specific parameters of how quickly the character slides down hills, what angle she jumps off them at, when and how the character can crouch and roll – making it so falling long distances has impact and pushes into a crouch, making it so certain attacks segue into each other, deciding what happens when the player rolls off a ledge or jumps out of a roll, and so forth. This sort of work is time consuming and tiring, but a whole lot of fun, since it’s working very directly with the feel of the game.

It will probably take a few more days to finish going through all of my notes on character movement, plus any new ones I come up with as I go. Once that’s done, I create the damn enemy class I set out to make before the collision/movement tweaking rabbit hole, and start making sure all the attacks and stuff work.


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