EverEnding DevBlog 104: Numbers


Um, you might have noticed that the last two updates had the same name and number. I copy old posts as a template so I don’t have to dig up the header image every time, and once in a while I forget to change the title. Basically, I am a big dumb. Sorry if it gets confusing or something. In all honesty, it’s probably about time I came up with a new header image, since that’s not even the name of the game any more. I’ll think about doing that sometime here.


I guess this is probably like the third straight week where I’m going to say I’m almost done with the detail editor. I’m now even almoster done with it. I keep thinking of a new thing that needs to be added every time I use it, and some days I end up with a longer to-do list than the one I started with, but I think I’m down to the last few nails in this coffin.

Here’s what it looks like now:


Mostly the same as before, but there’s a list of details on the left side, export and load type buttons, a field to set how far particle systems are pre-advanced when the screen is loaded (so that, say, a fountain looks like it’s something in progress, rather than just turning on when you walk in the room), there’s a menu to select blend modes for particle facets… little changes, but they add up. Also, more than one of these has lead me to discover a bug that needed fixing in connected components, so even though the editor looks substantially the same it was a pretty good week of progress.

At this point I’m down to just a couple of things left to add. Once I do, I think I’m probably going to give all of the other editors a once over and make sure that they’re as polished and full-featured as I’ve been ensuring that this one is. Once that’s achieved, I’ll start building the final task list of things to hit to wrap up the foundational programming for the game.


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