EverEnding DevBlog 102: Rewiring


Another one way behind schedule. It took a bit of finagling, but I think the new name system for particles is working correctly. I’ve added a field to edit the particle name into the editor, but it still needs to be integrated into the behavior editor in a way that makes sense, which is a surprisingly non-trivial task. I’ve made a task-list of things that still need to be done for the detail editor, and I’m working through it bit-by-bit. In addition to the new name field, I just added buttons to delete extra facets, a field to change the update rate of a behavior, and a bunch of other slight improvements. Here’s what it looks like now:


I lost a couple of days of work this weekend due to getting really really tired for no apparent reason. It may have been a delayed reaction from writing the Neverending Nightmares piece, which I put a whole lot of work into (I hope it shows!)  Hopefully I’ve recovered from that nonsense tiredness spell, and can wrap up this damn editor this week and get on to more interesting stuff.


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