EverEnding DevBlog 100: Unsettled


Wow it sucks that this is going to be the 100th update, because this was actually a pretty shit week for productivity. If I’d realized sooner that this was going to be number one-hundred, maybe I could have tried to have something awesome done, but I lacked that degree of awareness. Oh well.

So what happened? Well, I thought this week would be a good time to experiment with a multiphasic sleep schedule. I completely lost track of which day was which, when I’d last gotten work done, what I had left to do each day, etcetera. It didn’t work out well.

Nevertheless, before and after that disaster, I got a few good things done, completing the particle behavior editor and getting one step closer to finishing up the whole detail editor layer. From that point, it’s been kind of scrambling down a bunch of side roads trying to figure out what’s going to work for the next part, the detail facet editor. It shouldn’t be too difficult to make an animation browser similar to the already-created image browser, but before I can do so I need to create some infrastructure for managing animations. This infrastructure is similar enough to other structures I’ve created (such as my BitmapManager) that at first I wanted to just create some kind of reusable generalized resource manager, but after an hour or two of experimentation I found that this would be both more difficult and less useful than I had imagined, so I dropped it. I’m now most of the way to creating a simple animation manager, which mostly involves taking my bitmap manager and ripping out all the parts that are already managed within the animation class and the existing bitmap manager already. Once I get that running, it should be pretty easy to get an animation browser set up, and a browser for the vector graphics effects shouldn’t be difficult either. Once I have all those down, building the facet editor should be easy.

I hope this next week goes smoothly. I’ve been feeling constantly off-balance, what with one thing and another, and I think if I can just get into a good rhythm I can get a ton done. Oh well, let’s see how it goes.


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