EverEnding DevBlog 97: The Work


Apparently a week has passed since the last time I wrote a devblog. Wow. Weird. It feels like it was maybe two or three days. I have come unstuck in time. Poo-tee-weet.

Okay. The basic interface of the detail editor is mostly complete. I keep on forgetting to take a screenshot of what it looks like when it’s running, and it’s currently in-between builds since I made a moderate-to-major change in how particle behaviors work. Even though progress isn’t rapid, it’s regular.

I can’t help but think, sometimes, of how much more quickly I’d be developing this component if it was still my official day job, a job I drove into every day and sat in a nice air-conditioned room with other programmers and had nothing to think about all day but how I would take the next step towards developing this project. It bothers me that I can’t work with the rapidity and dedication as I did then, but – I don’t have an air-conditioned work-space, I don’t have the freedom of a single-minded focus, I don’t have a company supporting me financially so that I can care about just one thing, all the time, 40 hours a week.

It’s not that I liked that life better, but I liked being able to do a job that way.

It’s crazy, though, how much something like air conditioning and a nice work space can help one do good work. I guess I’ll just sit here and think cool thoughts, and try to piece this puzzle together, and someday I will make a goddamn video game.



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