EverEnding DevBlog 96: Heat


It’s been a bit difficult to work. I don’t have air conditioning, and Summer seems to have abruptly noticed itself here and the heat and humidity have been oppressive. This isn’t the most recent screenshot, but it gives a pretty good idea of what I’ve been doing:


Pretty similar to the one last week, except you can see here that I’ve added a bunch of sliders up top to control parameters. That’s the basic version of the control panel (minus a few buttons which I have yet to create) ā€“ there’s also an advanced version with even more sliders, all of them double sliders like the distance filter that’s underneath the menu there. All of the sliders and stuff are mostly functional, though I haven’t tested them out yet since there’s a few other things I need to get working first.

However, before I finish those things, I’ve gotten slightly sidetracked. The current version of the particle system isn’t set up to add or remove animations, which is a real problem for an object that I want to be able to edit as I go. It’s necessary to add that ability ā€“ however, the reason why I didn’t make it possible in the first place still applies. Because a particle can render out in a number of different ways, which each have their own resource types, it’s not easy to add and remove these resources in an elegant way. However, I think I have a good approach. I won’t get into the details here, but I’ll be figuring my way through it on the daily devblog.

Progress is being made, and even when it feels slow it also feels like it’s building momentum. I can do this in trickles if I have to, even if I’m going to have to spend a couple of weeks melting to do it.


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