EverEnding DevBlog 88: Irritations


As I write this my eyes are itchy and irritated, inflamed slightly but pervasively by the intrusive reproduction of local flora. The irritation of my eyes makes me feel like I’m constantly on the verge of tears, no matter what my emotional state is at the time: Thus Spring primes me, by inverse Pavlovian response, to feel sad and depressed.

Filling my sinuses with flower cum doesn’t help either.

I bogged down a lot this week, and for a few days got essentially nothing done for the reasons outlined above. I finally broke through today, though, and am settling back into a rhythm. One more day should be enough to finish overhauling the entity class – oh, but perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself. What time I was able to spend productively this week was spent in restructuring the entire entity/behavior system in order to be, as I described before, centralized. More specifically, I’m making it so every game entity is built off of an EntityPrototype, and shares parameters with all other entities using the same prototype. There will only be a few special differences between entities that make them not identical: Most obviously, each entity will have its own x/y coordinates, but as I progress further I’ll be adding some controls for special per-entity statuses (such as facing and initial state).

Once I’ve finished reformatting the Entity class, I’ll update the editor to match the new paradigm, which itself will probably be a few days work. At that point, most of the major components will be pretty well centralized… I may need to create some sort of loading/managing architecture for entity prototypes to make sure that they use consistent file path names, but I don’t expect any of that to be too demanding. I suspect that by around this time next week everything should be more or less ready for me to tackle developing the detail editor – assuming I’m not forgetting anything, which I almost certainly am.

Thanks for caring enough to read. It’s been a weird week, and I am, as ever, unsure of what my place in the world is or will become. All I can do is keep working, and hope that clarity will some day be achieved.


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