EverEnding DevBlog 81: Resyncing


Lots of ups and downs this week. As I got closer and closer to finishing my album (AVAILABLE NOW!) the stress of having such a relatively substantial project mostly complete and yet not quite out there started to really eat at me. For a few days this week, the album was basically the onlything I could think about, and it started to affect my mood. Fortunately, I got it out there a couple of days later! Even though it’s not really doing well financially (at all), I’m still glad it’s out there, still glad I did it, and, in particular, am extremely glad it’s over with.

Anyway! Though I was feeling down for a bit, I tried to keep my hand in by making minor bug fixes, hooking up simple buttons, etcetera, so progress was still made. All of the buttons either work properly or work, uh, not-quite-properly: Which, as a measure of progress, is actually a lot further along than a button that just does nothing at all when clicked. There’s still some general usability stuff to be done, but because that stuff was boring and, frankly, difficult to suss out in its particulars, I decided instead to tackle the big remaining task, the image browser. Well, it’s still got quite a ways to go, but I’ve got something up on screen, and a lot of the architecture for what’s going to need to go there is set up. Here’s what it looks like now:


Basically the way this thing is gonna work is it’s going to display a list of all known resources: The filter box at the top lets you search by name, and the currently selected image will be displayed on the right. Once I get it working all of the boxes there will display little preview images, though that may take a bit of memory management to handle well. Basically that, a couple of buttons to confirm and cancel selection, and a few minor interface elements and I should have something pretty usable. It’s not fancy, but it doesn’t have to be.

So that’s where we stand for now. Over the next week I’ll hopefully be able to wrap up this image browser, then head back to make whatever improvements still need to be made to the entity/behavior editors. And, hopefully, now that the album is wrapped up, I’ll be less distracted and can get even more done. Hopefully!


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