EverEnding DevBlog 75: Out of Focus


Everything is moving so slowly! Realistically, this is because I currently have my attention divided in a ton of different directions, between a music project I’m trying to wrap up and a plethora of disparate odd jobs I’m pursuing in order to keep myself afloat financially, I’m finding very little time and, more importantly, very little focus to spare on EverEnding. Which sucks, but it’s gonna happen sometimes. What needs to happen now is I need to keep on working on it, keep my head in the game (so to speak), so that when I CAN focus more acutely upon the task I’ll have the foundation of work ready to go.

So okay. That’s where I’m at mentally. In terms of actual progress this week, as I’ve alluded there wasn’t a lot, but there was some. I’ve created a generalized control panel class now, a class which can control any parameter of any object, even if it’s a node in a container like an array or a map. This is actually pretty fucking neat, and I’m in the process now of making it actually useful by expanding and polishing the user interface. The most important thing, right now, is to make it possible to have a scrolling window, so that even if a panel has too many controls to display within the provided space it is still easily possible to scroll through them. Yes, I am totally reinventing the wheel here, but my experience with a lot of pre-made wheels is that I end up having to modify them so much I’d be better off rolling my own wheel anyway. After I’m done with this damn UI component, though, I need to get back into the editor itself –  it’s still kind of boring and tedious relative to developing actual game content, but it’s a lot  more exciting than figuring scroll bars out.


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