EverEnding DevBlog 73: Control Panels


Well, so much for completing the entity editor this week. I’ve made some good progress, but, well, suffice it to say that I slightly underestimated the full challenge of building these control panels. There are several behaviors which are going to require custom control panels, most notably the sound and animation behaviors, which have complex command systems not amenable to the general purpose control panel solutions I’ve developed for the other behaviors.


Still. I got the control components fixed, got all of the mini-components for the control panels implemented, and got it working within the framework I set up last week. The ball is rolling, and now that I can actually get my hands on these control panels, test them out, see what’s working and what isn’t, and iterate upon that, progress should happen fairly quickly.

Over the next week I’ll be creating the custom panels for the sound and animation behaviors (as well as any other behaviors which may need a special solution). I’ll also get it set up so by clicking and dragging those handles to the left of each behavior it will be possible to re-order them, since order of execution may be important sometimes, and I’ll see about implementing some method for deleting unwanted behaviors.

There’s plenty more to do, but this is enough to focus on for now.


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