Caffeine Interlude

I’m taking a break from caffeine. I end up having to do this every 6-12 months as it gradually loses all effectiveness and I start having to drink unhealthy amounts of it just to get through an average day. At the point where I’m augmenting 5 cups of strong black coffee with black tea and an energy drink and I still sleep soundly at bed-time, it’s time for a change.

A temporary change. Let’s not go crazy here. I fully intend to start drinking caffeine again, around the end of this week probably, just in more moderate quantities and to a greater effect.

Therefore, my usual regimen of trying really hard to make things, playing video games, and watching Youtube, has been preempted by a new caffeine-free regimen of sleeping all day, consuming copious amounts of water and ibuprofen, and… Youtube. I’m trying to sneak a bit of productivity in here and there, where I can manage to do so, but it’s not easy.

This post somewhere in between content and cancellation notice. This is me waking up just when a new post is supposed to go up, having gone to bed 12 hours previous believing that I’d probably be able to wake up in time to write something half decent. This is a lengthy explanation or a short diary entry. This is the closest thing to compelling content I can manage, with my brain floating like a balloon on a string somewhere above-behind my body, sending messages to my fingers like kids yelling through cans.

Sleepy is, all things considered, not an especially bad state to be in while writing. However, at the point where one is sleepy enough that all writing time gets repurposed as sleeping time, the benefits start to dwindle.

This is just an interlude. This is just keeping my hand in. This is just me getting tired of cancelling posts.

Soon I will awaken again.


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