Everending Devblog 65: Out of Focus


So many distractions. So much winter. So much sleepiness.

Finishing up the map editor is taking a slightly absurd amount of time. Admittedly, that’s partially because I spent all weekend and most of my free energy working on Ludum Dare, but it really goes past that: My head’s just not in the game right now.

I’m hoping this is just a phase. Just a slow period. I’m hoping that in a few days or a week I’ll hit a stride once more and start getting a lot done. But, before that can happen, I probably need to start changing my habits. I need to start getting to work earlier in the day instead of leaving it for the last minute, I need to have a concrete idea of what I want to work on next, I need to control the amount of time I spend on recreation and laziness.

Of course, before I can change my habits, I need to be motivated to do better, and motivating myself to do better will require a change of habits.

It’s kind of tricky.

Anyway, map editor is like 99% complete. All that’s left is a bit of debugging and testing, and then going out and making sure all of the special features that are now editable actually work in-game. It’s not a ton of work, but I’ve been having so much trouble focusing that it may yet take me a while to do it.

Hopefully not.

Once I get all of that stuff up and running, I’ll probably work on getting the detail editor polished up and ready for action. That should be good. Frankly, these tools are coming far enough along that there’s no reason I can’t start making levels… so, perhaps, I should begin taking steps in that direction next.


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