Ludum Dare 28: Getting Going


Well my procrastination capabilities seem to be in working order. I’ve probably spent as much time reading articles and watching youtube videos as doing actual work while I ‘work’ on this project.

Um. It’s all part of the process. Probably.

Anyway, I finally pulled all of my meandering bits of code together into something that will actually build and run and do basically everything I need it to. From one perspective, this project is basically code complete now, but from another I still need to do a lot. That is to say, a lot of the content for the game will require me to add it in with code since I’m obviously doing things kind of quick and dirty here. So, very little actual code left to go, but lots of manual entry of dialogue and stuff.

Here’s what it looks like now.

LD28 - 01

I spent a bit of time getting in some quick and dirty lighting effects and a bit of interesting visual noise, so even with placeholder graphics it looks kind of stylish. There are two main tasks left to do at this point: Draw all of the rooms and write all of the interaction lines. I also need to get music written, get some special case code done, and probably add a bit more in the way of sound stuff. It shouldn’t be an insurmountable challenge or anything, but it’s a big chunk of stuff to do and I should, uh, really get on it soon.

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