Ludum Dare 28: The First Hours


The theme for this Ludum Dare is: You Only Get One.

To be quite honest, not really a fan of this theme. I tend to dislike the ones that imply a really strong gameplay focus since that feels restrictive. I suppose restrictive is exactly how the themes are supposed to feel, but certain kinds of restriction seem more beneficial than others. I don’t know, I’m not feeling awake enough to express the difference cogently at the moment.

Anyway, moving along, despite not loving the theme I have figured out an approach to it that I think speaks to me. As I’m envisioning it now, it should be an EXTREMELY simple project from a programming standpoint, which is good. It will take a fair amount of custom writing, and also a fair amount of custom drawing, which are what I’m going to be doing for most of tomorrow.

This is going to be one of those “not a real game” games.

Anyway, I’ll get into more detail later. I’m really tired right now for now good reason, and am strongly tempted to go to bed nowish and get an early start tomorrow rather than try to force my way through this. I’ll have a bite to eat and then decide on that one.

Getting real tired of being tired.

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