Everending DevBlog 62: Thanksgiving


This is going to be a short one, both because I’m really tired and because there’s not a lot to report. Work has been steadily progressing on migrating to Haxe/OpenFL. All of the compile errors have been fixed now, and I’m working through the fatal run-time errors. So far, most of these seem to be careless infinite-recursion errors I’ve caused by accidentally having functions call themselves by roundabout ways, most often caused by some sloppy rearrangement around the Haxe getter/setter function syntax.

Once I get this built and running, it will be time to start adding the tools which I’ve been procrastinating for so long in adding to the project. The tile data, detail, and map editors are all mostly functional but need a bit of work, but the entity editor, likely to be the most complex, is still completely un-developed. That section of the code will probably be the next I tackle.


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