ProMaRaRo 5: The Mighty Boosh

Adventures are everywhere. Monsters are everywhere. Dangers that aren’t dangerous lurk around every corner, and exotic locations all across the world are apparently always a day’s drive away.

The legends are true. The legends are always true.

In The Mighty Boosh, causality is thinly enforced. Each episode is a flowing febrile free-association hallucination river, one idea flowing rapidly and loosely to the next, that has been paved over with the realities of production, of set design, of sarcasm and winking absurdity. The strangest ideas, when harnessed by production reality, become tied down and grounded – and, by a deft hand, can be made stranger yet, as the seams of the costumes and the flimsy props take on their own kind of sinister mystery, and make you wonder just how deep the dream goes.

There’s something unexpected hiding in every corner, something strange – just our good luck, then, that so many of them turn out to be harmless, ridiculous, and laughable.

Though for creatures supposedly so ultimately harmless, they do seem to kill an awful lot of people, don’t they?

Next up… no, no I’m not going to watch another tv show right away, drawing another one… RAGE!

Wait. Can this computer run RAGE? Let me check.

Holy crap it takes 25 gigs!

You know what fuck it. I’m gonna play Fez. Hopefully next time I draw this one I’ll have a better gaming rig set up.


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