ProMaRaRo 4: Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus

I didn’t play it.

Well, technically I did. I played for 40 minutes or so. That was long enough for me to remember what an unpleasant, albeit intriguing, world that Oddworld is. Abe, the player character, seems to be the only member of his species who isn’t a selfish bumbling idiot: The game starts with him leading his brethren on a quest to save their imprisoned compatriots and keep their ancestors’ bones from being ground up to make delicious beverages, only to be met with non-stop complaints and abuse from the ‘friends’ he saved in the first game, who would probably have been eaten by now if not for him.

Under the circumstances, it seems like you’re helping the Mudokens because you are one and because they are the underdogs, not because of any virtue they might have. Were circumstances not much different, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find them grinding up Glukkons or Sligs for their own meals.

Taken at that value, it becomes a fairly pointed commentary on the behaviors of both the upper and lower social strata, and how many people fear or wish for a power inversion instead of a power flattening. Of course, that’s the fearful rhetoric used by those in power to maintain their power: That doesn’t mean that it is necessarily, in all circumstances, untrue.

i didn’t play the game. Much. But that’s because I’ve had enough of fucked up social power structures for one week without seeking more in an entertainment product. I believe the Oddworld games are solid, but they may have to await another week, one where I am better able to cope with such an unrelentingly bleak world.

Let’s draw another and hope for better things this week.

And this week it is…

The Mighty Boosh!

Oh thank god. This takes so much of the pressure off.

What I know: A surreal British comedy series. I’ve actually seen a couple of episodes of it, which my brother showed me, and liked it quite a bit. It will be nice to be able to kick back and watch something that isn’t too demanding or bleak. Looking forward to it.


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