ProMaRaRo 1: Cthulhu Saves the World

Sigh. Okay. Well, first, a confession: I didn’t finish the game. I didn’t even reach the 10 hours I’d planned on as giving a game a good solid chance before moving on. I played for about 6 hours. And here’s the part where I’d say that it’s not that the game is bad, but I feel that would be untrue, because in all honestly I think…

Well, it’s not good.

All of which wouldn’t bother me much, had everyone on the internet not seemingly reached a consensus that it was good, really good, possibly even great. Maybe the problem is that I basically grew up playing some of the best games this genre has seen, or that I’ve become hypersensitive to poorly-tuned gameplay or that I just have little patience with games that I feel have nothing new to show me. I don’t know.

It makes me a little bit sad because I don’t really like being that dude who hates games. I addressed that a little bit last week, but it still gets me down. I don’t feel contempt for the people who got a lot out of this game: but I can’t help but feel a bit envious of and dismayed at the naivete that could lead them to believe that such a game was actually outstanding.

Anyway. Moving on. Let’s see what’s up for this week!

Shutter Island! (book)

What I know about this: Nothing! I know that there was a movie based off of it that wasn’t nearly as good. That is the only thing I know about this book. So this will be interesting!

Oh, also, a slight administrative note: I will be reserving the right to preempt any given week’s ProMaRaRo random draw with a specific game or whatever of my choosing. This is so that if I pick up something I really want to play, I don’t have to wait for it to come up randomly in order to play it. That being said, I’m planning on doing the first few draws with no interference just to do the basic idea justice before I start noodling with it.


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