Eve DevBlog 47: A New Angel of Attack


Well, for the most part it was just another week of hammering away at collision problems. I actually feel like I’m making steady progress on that front: The character tracks the surface of slopes mostly correctly now, and I actually have a pretty good idea what the remaining imperfections are which keep it from working quite correctly, I just haven’t decided on a particular approach to correcting them yet.

My big triumph, though, was in getting one-way platforms working correctly: This style of platform is hugely important to the kinds of levels I want to design, particularly certain elements in the first area of the game. Currently, there’s no ‘drop-through’ behavior implemented, so they really can only be traversed in one direction, but I will probably add a standard down+jump to fall through behavior at some point over the next few days.

I really wanted to have something visual for this devblog, though, since it’s been a few weeks now of dry collision detection updates, so I decided to start development of the attack animations. I settled on the standing attack as the best one to start with, and went ahead and began making frames. Here’s where it’s at now:


There’s a number of things I find unsatisfactory about these frames as they stand now, but i think the overall motion is really solid and will probably settle on something very similar for the final version. I’m also going to need to add frames for relaxing from the first attack without following it up with a second. I’m hoping to get this and a left-facing version implemented within a few days here, at which point I can move on to adding other kinds of attack.

I’m actually not feeling super great so I’m gonna leave it at that. Kind of a short update this week, I guess, but still making progress bit by bit by bit. Eventually, at that rate, someday I will run out of bits, and someday it will be done. Just gotta last until then.

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    Thanks Brother

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