Eve DevBlog 36: Stalled

EveHeaderI’m super frustrated with how this is going. I don’t think working on programming a bit here and there is working very well, and problems which should take me a few days to solve are bloating and taking me weeks. There is something wrong with my methodology here. Working on programming a bit every day is a super inefficient way to approach these problems. So, it’s time for a change.

First: I’m going to be trying to only work on programming in 2-4 hour blocks. It takes at least 15 minutes usually to fully begin focusing on a problem, sometimes longer if I’m having an off day, and it becomes simply inefficient to pick and prod at the programming. It’s also super demoralizing to spend a week working at something and only see solid progress in the last day or two.

Which brings me to, second: Coding tasks are now going to be Monday-Wednesday-Friday, since those are the days I don’t need to write for Problem Machine. Tuesday, Thursday, and the weekends are going to be for other tasks on the project such as animation, music, environment sketching, whatever writing still needs to be done, etcetera. Probably focusing on animation first, since once I get the collision code fully armed and operational I think I’m going to want to get stuff moving as soon as possible. and see what everything looks like all together at once.

Okay! So that’s a plan. As for the actual update, there’s really not a lot to tell. As I’ve kind of implied, I spent basically all this week’s Eve productivity hammering on a single programming problem, collision detection. It’s at this point running about as well as it did before I did anything, which is discouraging in that it’s no solid progress over when I started but encouraging in that it represents a lot of progress over where I was a few days ago.

Hopefully, with this new plan of action, next week’s update will be less boring than the last couple. I can assure you it’s been at least as dull for me as it has been for you, and far, far more frustrating.


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