Eve 34: Colliding With Obstacles


SnowflakesTest003It’s been a pretty mixed week, all told. I finally got the particle system all ironed out, (that’s good), but it turns out that the caching thing doesn’t work as well for mass particles as I’d hoped, (that’s bad), but it will work very well for more advanced particle effects with fewer particles, (that’s good), but I’ll have to devote some extra time to retrofitting it to work with several different display types, (that’s bad), but after doing that I should have the best of both worlds and probably about the best particle system feasible in Flash.

That’s good.

I’ve also been redoing my basic player interaction code, all of the stuff that deals with movement and terrain interaction. This is a frustrating part of the project to be working on because the collision code has been a major sticking point for me in the past and has derailed me for months at a time before. I have to admit, I’m still not a hundred percent sure how I want to tackle this issue, but figuring that out is my main task for tomorrow. I think this being a difficult problem for me is just something I’ll have to deal with: I have to accept that I can’t dive straight in, and I’m going to have to be okay with taking a day or two to feel my way around the problem and come up with a plan before I actually start writing code. I’ll try to think of other things to work on for the project in the meanwhile so that I don’t lose momentum.

Actually I have been working on one such thing! I started, a few days ago, putting together a list of the different music tracks I would need for the game, basically just breaking down how much music each section of the game would require along with a few notes about what I thought might work well for each section. At the same time, I started pulling together a bunch of music from my library to use for reference, songs which I either think suit the tone of the game overall or have a few particular elements I’d like to study when writing the soundtrack. Finally, after a few hours of this, inspiration or possibly boredom struck, and I decided to take a crack at writing intro music for the game.

I really like the sound of this track, but it’s a bit too complex and intense for the intro theme I was planning on using it for. I actually have plans for how to address that, but since I’m such a secretive little guy I don’t feel like discussing them just yet.

Overall? Not a bad week, despite the frustrations. Bits of progress here and there, all adding up to something, probably, someday, somehow.

That’s good.


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