Eve DevBlog 33: Destroying is Building


Ugh, what a week. Like walking through a sea of mud.

Not to imply that I haven’t gotten anything done. I’ve been working fairly consistently all week long, and in the moment it always feels like I’m making good progress, but the moment I stop working all of the individual tasks I’ve been working on melt together in my mind into one undifferentiated mass of ‘work’. It makes it very difficult to say what I’ve achieved. Fortunately a side effect of this, particularly in combination with weekly DevBlogs, is to provide a solid reminder to do weekly commits of my code, as I look through the visual comparison to see what I’ve done so I can keep the world apprised as to my progress.

Maybe there’s another reason we see so many games about amnesia.

Nevertheless, I think that the cached drawing stuff I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks is more or less complete. There’s probably still a bug or two left to bite me in the ass sometime over the next couple of months, but I’ll take care of that when it happens. I’m just getting reallll sick of working on this component now. Hopefully just a few days will be all it takes to update the particle code to use this stuff– remember, the particle code that started me down this rabbit hole? Yeah. Ugh.

The good news is: The new code is cleaner, the new code is easier to use. There’s some nasty hairy stuff in there, but it’s all hidden in the guts of the code, and as long as no unforeseen bugs make an appearance the overall usability of this stuff should be pretty great. Since this is code I’m going to be using over and over again for basically every visual element of this project (and quite possibly future projects as well), that is a good thing.

I’m pretty sure this all was time well spent, I’m just really tired right now and I wish it had taken less time than it did. Oh well.



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