Eve DevBlog 19: Before The End


This will probably be a short one since I’m strapped for time at the moment. I’m running off of laptop batteries while my other laptop dumps all of my vital files (read: porn) onto an external hdd before it dies. Anyway.

I’ve been pondering the title issue, and after running this idea past friends and family I’m uh like 80% settled on it. The new title of the project is (probably): Epilogue. This gives a nice sense of the themes of the game, while maintaining a nice concise one-word impact, and has a hint of mystery which I think could get people intrigued. Also, after looking around on Wikipedia, as far as I can tell this is basically unused as a title, except for a few random music albums and a television documentary on books (none of which I think will mind if I use this title for my game).

So, that being more or less settled, I can look to getting a daily DevBlog set up for… Epilogue. I’m going to be looking to have it up and running by the start of February, and will of course link to it from here. I may actually continue on with weekly updates here even, but they’ll more likely be just a digest of the daily updates I do on the dedicated DevBlog.

Now, I’m going to be doing daily updates all through February, since I actually have a place to live then. After that… who knows? Hopefully I’ll figure something out. Should be interesting, anyway.

Otherwise, I’ve just been spending my time writing notes for each section of the game, planning out the basic flow of the first of the three major game areas. I have it all generally planned out now, from the Outer Grounds to The Ruins to The Garden. A lot of the ideas I’ve had are really cool but also incredibly demanding, and will make the project undeniably more difficult, but, I dunno… I guess if it’s worth doing it’s worth doing right.

Then again, if I ever think of a way to achieve the same effect with less work, I’ll obviously be all over that.


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