Eve DevBlog 17: Tactical Retreat

EveHeaderI said I wouldn’t do this DevBlog update until I had some progress to update. Sorry about that, turns out I was lying.

I guess I just took a week off. Not thrilled about it.

I’ve been having to think about the future a lot. I’m being uprooted again, which rather undermines my ambition to establish a routine. But, okay, fuck it. I’ll cope. However, in the short term, a lot of my energy is being taken up with a) figuring out how to do that and b) stewing in pointless adrenaline and anxiety.

I’ve been having to think about the future a lot. Income has become a much higher priority, but I don’t want to stop working on Eve or on Problem Machine. I haven’t decided how to approach this issue, whether to try to find a full-time position and devote my spare time to these projects as a hobby or whether to double down on them and try to get Eve out over the next year and in the meanwhile find my way, financially, by maybe trying to get some articles published or do some commission work. Either way, the prospect scares me.

I’ve been having to think about the future a lot. Eve is the title of the game and in some sense always will be, but I think I’m going to have to rename it. Even if I talk to CCP and iron out potential trademark issues with their game EVE Online, the fact is a google search will always show their game first, and mine might not even show up in the first page of results. I want to make this a project with integrity, and give it a title that fits it artistically, but it’s important to me that my work be visible– it doesn’t have to be beloved, it doesn’t have to appeal to everyone, but it at least has to find its way to them if it can so that if they will like it then they’ll find out about it. I’m going to have to rename the game, though ‘Eve’ will likely be a component of the new title as well, and it may be that I will always think of it as Eve.

When I know the new title, I’ll be splitting the Eve DevBlog out into a separate blog, probably also on WordPress since I know it well. This new DevBlog will update daily, though I may post occasional digests to Problem Machine as well. It should be up and online by February.

In the meanwhile, I need to bust out a notepad and break down what needs to be done on the Eve project, and decide how I want to approach my money situation. It’s times like these I wish I’d spent up more time building a professional reputation so I knew people who could use my services without having to go through the arduous and usually unrewarding job application process. Oh well.

And: Once again, thank you all for your support. Knowing someone cares enough to read, even if in passing, means a lot to me. Thank you.


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