Eve DevBlog 14: Slide!


Yup. Holidays, finals, etcetera. It’s been a little bit difficult to find time to work on this project, and, as I keep on mentioning I’m getting frustrated with how slowly things are progressing but yeah.

It can wait until next year, probably.

So here’s what I have managed to do:


Sliders! And lots of them! Those are all unlabeled and not really hooked up right now, but in time (hopefully not a lot of time) they will control the distance, size, rotation, color (RGB), and transparency of Detail elements. In addition to those, I’ll be adding some checkboxes to enable or disable properties, and a list of available details to load in and use. Sliders are a nice start, though.

Very tactile.

Since this is a pretty short update, there’s a couple of other things I’d like to talk about.

First, the new schedule: As you may have noticed, I’m going to be posting DevBlog updates on Sunday from now on. I had originally intended to post them at 10AM, but it took me a while to get this one done and it is Sunday so I think I’m going to make this a tradition and put the DevBlog updates up at noon. It seems like a nice time of day for it. Other blog updates will go up at 10am Tuesday (500-1000 words) and Friday (1000-2000 words).

Second: Ludum Dare. Those of you who were paying attention may have noticed me talk a bit about doing the last Ludum Dare and then quietly drop the subject without mentioning what happened. The theme this year was You Are The Villain, and I had an idea for the theme which I thought was pretty interesting: Basically, making a game in Twine or another similar interactive fiction tool told from the perspective of someone suicidally depressed who kept reliving pieces of their lives and thinking about what a terrible person they were. I wanted to play around with the idea of someone who perceives themselves as villainous, since the people who we tend to think of as villains rarely perceive themselves that way.

So why didn’t I make it?

Well, I started to. However, at the same time I was doing this I was playing through The Walking Dead, the weather had taken a turn for the worse, everyone around me was in a shitty mood, and I was loaded down pretty heavily with obligations. Basically, my life was already bleak enough, and I didn’t feel up to writing a depressing-ass game on top of that.

I was planning on posting some of the bits of work that I’d done on it here, but now that I look they seem actually kind of pretty shitty, so I won’t be doing that. Maybe it’s just as well I didn’t feel up to finishing it then. Still think it’s kind of an interesting idea, if there’s any way to keep it from turning into a total self-indulgent angst-fest.


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