No DevBlog Today

These few days here are super intense, and I didn’t have time to update the game today. I will be back on the job starting Friday.

In fact, all things considered this seems like a good time to shift over to the new update schedule, wherein I target DevBlog updates for Sundays. Along with that will likely come a different update for the non-DevBlog posts as well. I think perhaps a 500-1000 word update on Monday and a 1000-2000 word update on Friday may be a good target.

I don’t like missing updates, but I think what’s most important is to stay on the case. I’ll make posts like this on DevBlog dates even if I am unable to get any work done during the week, because it’s important to face that. It’s gonna happen sometimes, and it IS the Holiday season.

Anyway. Enjoy your holidays, all. Next update on Saturday morning as usual, next DevBlog on Sunday.


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