Frog Fractions

Last week I played Frog Fractions. Frog Fractions is a fun game! In Frog Fractions, you play as a 4frog. Bugs try to eat your fruit so you have to eat the bugs. When you eat the bugs you get points. I think it’s g2ross that frogs eat bugs but maybe frogs think it’s gross that we eat ch8ocolate???

When you defend enou1gh frog fruit from the bugs you get to spend your 5fruit on upgrades. Frogs use fruit as money. You can get a magic tongue that kills more bugs or a super brain which turns all of the numbe11rs into weird random numbers and letters. Sometimes you get 3a turtle which lets you move which is fun!

The musi9c is really nice but the graphics are simple. I am not good at ma7th and Frog Fractions helped me to understand fractions. 6I am at least half better at fractions than I was before!

I recommend Frog Fractions 110%! Which is n10ot a number that makes sense which I know because I played Frog Fractions. You should play Frog Fractions too, Especially if you are not good at math like me.


Graphics: 8/10

Sound: 10/10

Music: 10/10

Fu12n Factor: 11/10

Overall: 7/10

You can play Frog Fractions here:

  1. all right…whats with the hidden numbers?

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