Eve DevBlog 4: It- it- the f- it- flame- flames. Flames, on the side of my face, breathing- breathl- heaving breaths. Heaving breaths… Heathing…

I fell behind, then I caught up.

Gotten a ton of work done on the map editor. It is basically functionally complete at this point, at least to the extent that one can make a fully functional map. I’ll still probably want to spend some time polishing it up, adding a couple of less vital features, and making it a bit more forgiving to use– right now it’s super easy to accidentally place items and to close the program without saving changes– but it’s basically DONE. If I want to start making levels, well, now I can.

Sort of.

Currently, they’d be pretty lousy looking levels. There’s two reasons for this: One, I haven’t done any level art, so anything I do would be with the test tiles that I think were visible in some of the previous screens I posted. Two, there would be no decorations, since I have yet to decide how I’m going to implement those much less make an editor for them. This is the next major task in developing Eve. Once this ‘detail editor’ is functionally complete, it’s going to be time to start producing some initial art assets, the short-term goal of which will be to produce screenshots which people can get properly excited about. Concept art is nice and all, but having screens that will look basically like the final product will look should be a lot more exciting.


Up until an hour or so ago, I was planning to make this a substantially longer post, but ruminations on the vocabulary of art have been pre-empted by hours of wrestling with an ornery computer. Hopefully I can get this fixed sooner rather than later since, you know, computers are kind of important in my line of work.

I’m also trying real, real hard not to throw anything.


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