LD24: Evolution: Arrrrrrrrgh: ME BRAINS

My brain feels kind of mushy. I’ve been slowly improving on what I had last night, trying to fix the multitude of little problems that came up. Well, it’s better anyway.


After much tweaking and noodling around, the damn dots finally recognize each other and group up. I could probably spend the entire remaining 20 hours or so polishing up and improving this behavior, but I think it’s better to turn my attention elsewhere and try to see if I can get any gameplay up in this.

So yes, it’s that time again: Time for the traditional Ludum Dare lowering of the expectations! Current plan is to get it set up with some terrain, food, water, etcetera. Animals will eat, shit, die, all that good stuff. The role of the player will be to strike down select animals to help maintain the health of the overall ecology. Much as with the original hunter concept, but easier to program in 20 hours.

So yeah. Wish me luck.


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