Things keep happening

It keeps happening

This week is proving to be, even by recent standards, exceptionally chaotic. I’m not sure if I’ll have the time for the usual two-essays a week, so instead I’m going to try to post a few mini-essays, 200-500 words in length, about ideas and thoughts that weren’t meaty enough to write full-length essays on. I know that Problem Machine still hasn’t built up much of an audience, and for all most people could care I could just as soon not bother, but if you do take the time to come here and read what I have to say I want to make sure you don’t leave disappointed.

So. Short subjects this week. I think they should be fun, even if they’re perhaps less polished and insightful than the essays I’ve been posting here thus far. Also, Twitterers, I have created a Twitter account for posting site updates and also stupid jokes which I’m trying to think of on a daily basis. If you have Twitter and like stupid video game jokes, you can me, or if you don’t have Twitter and like stupid video game jokes my recent Tweets will always be mirrored here on Problem Machine as well.


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