The Problem Machine

Yes. I’m going to write a few words now about why I’m creating this blog and what I hope it will become. You will read these words. It will be swell.

This is the Problem Machine. It makes problems, it solves problems. The focus of many of these writings will be the medium of video games, which are themselves Problem Machines; they present you with problems and the tools with which to solve them, and in the process you become part of the Problem Machine. Welcome to the Problem Machine. We are fun and games.

There are a number of ideas I’m playing with for what this blog will become. I hope to use it to share my thoughts on the creation and critique of video games, as well as other creative media, and then to receive feedback on those thoughts in order to hone them more finely. I hope to promote myself, which sounds crass to my ears but I understand it’s generally considered to be a necessity in this field, so I may as well get into the habit. I hope to practice my writing skills. I hope to share my work as it is in progress and be encouraged in its development by like minded individuals. I hope to see others enjoy my creations. And I hope I will entertain you all in the process, that this will be fun and games.

This is the beginning. This is exciting. This is important.

Join me in the machine.

  1. Miranda said:

    I have to say, you had me at “swell.” I didn’t bother to read the rest though.

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